VPN Update: Scheduled Maintenance and Update on Yesterday’s Outage

Scheduled Maintenance: NJIT’s Virtual Private Network (VPN) software will be unavailable on Saturday, September 4 from approximately 11:30 pm – 12:00 midnight. This scheduled outage will allow for software updates that will improve the reliability of VPN.

VPN Outage: There were two VPN outages on Thursday, September 2. The first outage started at 12:46 pm and lasted 12 minutes before service was restored. While the root cause of the problem was being investigated a second longer outage resulted in VPN being unavailable intermittently from 2:12 pm – 3:20 pm . After working with the vendor it was determined that the scheduled maintenance, mentioned above, will prevent future problems.

Please contact the IST Service Desk at 973-596-2900 or servicedesk@njit.edu if you have any additional questions.

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