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Network Provider Internet Outage Memorial Day Weekend 2015

NJIT’s main Internet  Service Provider will be performing maintenance upgrades to its core routers. The devices are scheduled to undergo mandatory software upgrades over the course of the Memorial Day weekend between the hours of 12:01am and 6:00am, with the primary date being Saturday, May 23rd, and Sunday May 24th and Monday May 25th serving as backup dates.

There will be a loss of all Internet Connectivity to campus users; who, during this time, will experience an interruption in service that will last 45 minutes. There may also be brief outages lasting about 5-10 minutes throughout the service window.

Remote VPN users will also also loose connectivity during this service window.

This outage will impact connectivity to cloud services from the campus such as Gmail, Google Apps, Moodle Rooms and WebEx. These services should still be available off campus without VPN.

This outage should not impact connectivity to other key NJIT services both on and off campus.

Please contact the IST Helpdesk at 973-596-2900 if you have any questions.

Service restored – Telephone System: Intermittent service – east portion of campus 5/11/2015 – 11am-7:30pm


Full telephone service was restored on May 11 Monday evening at 7:30pm.


On May 11 starting at approximately 11am some phones located in Cullimore, Fenster, Eberhardt, CAB and the Center are having intermittent telephone service.  We are currently working to resolve the problem.  A common symptom of the outage is when phone calls placed go directly to voicemail.

Info: IST Helpdesk 973-596-2900

Service Restored – Internet connectivity intermittent 4/28/15 2:30am – 5am


On Tuesday morning April 28, 2015 at 2:30am connectivity to and from the internet became intermittent due to issues with our internet service provider.  Service was restored at approximately 5am.

Please contact the IST Help Desk at 973-596-2900 if you have any questions.

UPDATE: KONG outage; April 23, 2015



Service to KONG has been restored. If you continue experiencing issues using KONG, please contact the IST Helpdesk at 973-596-2900.


Currently KONG is down and is being actively worked on the be brought back up. There is not ETA as to when service will be restored.

ITMS Online Request System – Intermittent

UPDATE: The issue affecting the ITMS Online Request System has been rectified. If you continue to experience issues with the site, please contact the IST Helpdesk at 973-596-2900.


The ITMS Online request system ( is currently having intermittent errors with inputting requests (previously approved requests are still viewable).  IST is aware of the issue and is currently working on it.  We anticipate the issue being resolved later today. If you have an immediate need for equipment in the next 48 hours, please e-mail and we will try and accommodate your request.

Moodle Service interruption; April 20, 2015


Update: Moodle should now be working normally. If you are still having issues please contact the Helpdesk at 973-596-2900.


Moodle is currently unavailable. We are looking into the cause of the issue, but do not have an ETA as to when it will be restored. Updates will be posted here.

Service Restored – Cullimore Hall Network Outage 4/15/15 10:45pm


On Wednesday night April 15 10:45pm – April 16 7:55am network connectivity to Cullimore Hall went offline. Service was restored on Thursday morning 7:55am.   Telephone service was not impacted.

Info: IST Helpdesk 973-596-2900


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