Webex recordings not appearing in Kaltura

Please be advised that at this time, there is an outage for the connection between Webex and Kaltura Mediaspace. During this time, your Webex recordings may not appear in your account in either Mediaspace or in Canvas. Your recordings are still available directly in Webex and can be found by logging in to http://njit.webex.com. AsContinue reading “Webex recordings not appearing in Kaltura”

Recording in WebEx Currently Unavailable

Update: As of 8:30 am recording on WebEx was restored. ———————————————————————————————————————————- At this time recording a meeting in WebEx is not available. NJIT is working with our provider to resolve this issue. As a temporary solution users can try Kaltura CaptureSpace (http://mediaspace.njit.edu) to record over a WebEx meeting.

WebEx Recordings Before 5/24 Not Available

On 6/1 a technology vendor that has a relationship with NJIT was doing work with our WebEx recordings and inadvertently deleted all WebEx recordings that were saved to the server before 5/24. At this time WebEx recordings are not available. NJIT is working closely in an attempt to restore the recordings. An update will beContinue reading “WebEx Recordings Before 5/24 Not Available”