TechSmith Relay Intermittent Access

TechSmith Relay is currently experiencing intermittent availability to users. At this time users may experience issues with uploading and the processing of recordings. We are aware of the problem and working to resolve services. Update 9/18: At this time Relay uploads should now be processing. If you continue to have an issue please contact theContinue reading “TechSmith Relay Intermittent Access”

Intermittent Moodle Login Error

EDIT: Full services was restored at 10:00 AM this morning. Moodle is currently experiencing an intermittent error after logging in: “Exception – Destination in response doesn’t match the current URL.” Please try refreshing your browser or try from a different web browser to login. We are currently working with our provider to resolve this issue.

Intermittent Moodle Access Update

Update 4:30 PM: Services have been improved and Moodle is loading in some circumstances. You may be successful accessing Moodle from the direct URL if still unsuccessful.  Please note: This problem is part of the nationwide Denial of Service Attack affecting much of the east coast.  Starting at approximately 8:15 am, Friday October 21, access to MoodleContinue reading “Intermittent Moodle Access Update”

Intermittent Moodle Access

Starting at approximately 8:15 am, Friday October 21, access to Moodle may be slow or unresponsive. This is a result of Domain Name System (DNS) issue effecting numerous websites and web-based services.  It is possible users may experience delayed response times until this issue is fully resolved.  We will continue to work with our vendor toContinue reading “Intermittent Moodle Access”

WebEx Recordings Before 5/24 Not Available

On 6/1 a technology vendor that has a relationship with NJIT was doing work with our WebEx recordings and inadvertently deleted all WebEx recordings that were saved to the server before 5/24. At this time WebEx recordings are not available. NJIT is working closely in an attempt to restore the recordings. An update will beContinue reading “WebEx Recordings Before 5/24 Not Available”