Wireless Network Maintenance Sunday Sept 6, 2020 7am – 9am

On Sunday morning September 6, 2020 from 7am – 9am, maintenance will be performed on the wireless network. During this maintenance window, wireless network connectivity will not be available for approximately 15 – 30 minutes in the following buildings: Central King Building, GITC, ECEC, Student Mall, MEC, Micro, Tiernan, Faculty, Cullimore and Weston Halls. TheContinue reading “Wireless Network Maintenance Sunday Sept 6, 2020 7am – 9am”

Wireless Network Maintenance – 08/14 – 7PM to 12AM

On Friday August 14 between 7PM to 12AM  –   We will be performing wireless network maintenance.  There will be 5 minutes of Wireless service disruption during this window. After this maintenance, Wireless Clients will be presented with a new certificate in order to authenticate.  Clients need to accept the new certificate in order to haveContinue reading “Wireless Network Maintenance – 08/14 – 7PM to 12AM”

Wireless Network Maintenance Notification – Saturday 01/11

IST will be performing maintenance on the Wireless network.   On Saturday January 11, 2020 between 7PM to 8AM –  New authentications  for wireless and VPN will be intermittent for 10 minutes during this maintenance window. Information: IST service desk 973-596-2900, http://servicedesk.njit.edu/

Central Avenue Building – Emergency Network Maintenance – 04/04 @6AM

On Thursday April 4th, 2019 between 6AM and 6:30AM we will be performing emergency maintenance on the network equipment servicing Central Avenue Building.  During this maintenance window Wireless and Wired connections will be down for 15 minutes. This is being done to correct a problem to avoid future downtime. Information: IST servicedesk 973-596-2900, http://servicedesk.njit.edu/

Wireless and VPN Authentication – 02/01/2019 @11PM

On Friday February 1st, 2019 11PM – 1AM, the network equipment servicing Wireless and VPN authentication will be upgraded. During this maintenance window new Wireless and VPN Authentications may be intermittent for approximately 15 minutes. Information: IST servicedesk 973-596-2900, http://servicedesk.njit.edu/

Wireless Network Maintenance – Sunday 11/18 9PM – 2AM

On Sunday evening November 18, 2018 9pm – 2am, the wireless network will be upgraded. During this maintenance period, the wireless network connectivity will be unavailable for 20 minutes in any one location.     The Campus Center and Residence Halls will be upgraded during the end of the maintenance window.   The rolling upgrades and wirelessContinue reading “Wireless Network Maintenance – Sunday 11/18 9PM – 2AM”

Service Restored at 12 noon. Intermittent Phone and Network and network issues 9/27/18

Service restored at 9/27/18 12 noon. On Thursday morning 9/27/18 at 9:30am network connectivity to some phones and computer in CKB, Cypress, Honors, EDC3 and FSB became intermittent.  The issue is currently being researched. Information: IST Service Desk 973-596-2900