Unavailability of Some AFS User Directories and Websites

An AFS fileserver containing user home directories went off-line at 4:05 AM Sunday 5/1. The home directories and personal websites of affected users are currently unavailable. The ETA of the restoration this fileserver iscurrently not known. Please check http://my.njit.edu for updates. ucs@njit.edu The affected fileserver was back up at 9:10AM 5/1.

AFS Software Upgrades 03 Jan – 05 Jan

An AFS fileserver will be unavailable for an expected 20 minutes starting 7:00 AM on each of the three days Mon 03 Jan – Wed  05 Jan, for software upgrades. The login directories of some AFS users, as well as some Web pages and some research directories, will be UNAVAILABLE during this period. Affected usersContinue reading “AFS Software Upgrades 03 Jan – 05 Jan”

Alpha administrative services delay

Alpha administrative services are delayed this morning due to an unexpected problem during after-hours routine production processing. Services affected include HRS Plus, FRS Plus, SIS Plus and Web for Employees. All services are expected to be available by 10:00AM. Please contact the IST Computing Helpdesk at (973) 596-2900 for additional information or questions. Thank you.

Unavailability of Some AFS Login & Other Directories

An AFS fileserver will be unavailable from about 7:30 am to 8:00 am today for an emergency hardware repair. The login directories of some AFS users, as well as some Web pages  and research directories, will be unavailable during this time. Affected users logging in to an AFS client will be put in the  directoryContinue reading “Unavailability of Some AFS Login & Other Directories”