Wired Network Outage to some of Laurel Hall – October 19, 2018

A switch has failed in Laurel Hall impacting wired connections in several rooms. We are working to replace the failed device as quickly as possible. Wireless has not been impacted.

These are the rooms/suites currently without connectivity:

Laurel 225A-A
Laurel 231B-A
Laurel 2320B-B
Laurel 430A-A
Laurel 431B-A
Laurel 431A-A
Laurel 430A-B
Laurel 435A-A
Laurel 435A-B
Laurel 330A-A
Laurel 227B-A
Laurel 222B-B
Laurel 221A-A
Laurel 229A-B
Laurel 229B-B
Laurel 227A-A
Laurel 229A-A
Laurel 226A-A
Laurel 123A-A
Laurel 121B-B
Laurel 122A-B
Laurel 124A-A
Laurel 122B-A
Laurel 121B-A
Laurel 130B-A
Laurel 135A-A
Laurel 133A-A
Laurel 131B-B
Laurel 131B-A
Laurel 131A-A
Laurel 235B-B
Laurel 230B-A
Laurel 235A-B
Laurel 233A-B
Laurel 230A-A
Laurel 231A-A
Laurel 231A-A
Laurel 310A-A D1
Laurel 310A-A D2
Laurel 310A-A D3
Laurel 502A-A D1
Laurel 502A-A D2
Laurel 502A-A D3
Laurel 410A-A D3
Laurel 410A-A D2
Laurel 410A-A D1

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