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Intermittent Moodle Access

by on October 21, 2016

Starting at approximately 8:15 am, Friday October 21, access to Moodle may be slow or unresponsive. This is a result of Domain Name System (DNS) issue effecting numerous websites and web-based services.  It is possible users may experience delayed response times until this issue is fully resolved.  We will continue to work with our vendor to monitor this issue and will provide updates at they are made available.

This issue is affecting numerous websites throughout the east coast.

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  1. matt permalink

    Well at least I didn’t have an open note midterm today where our professor posted all of her notes and charts/tables on moodle. That would be disastrous.

  2. Thao permalink

    My homework is due tonight and I am still working on it. I need help!

  3. parag permalink

    when it will start working ?

  4. michaelkoskinen permalink

    This is an issue that is affecting websites throughout the east coast today and not just NJIT Moodle. See:

  5. Patel permalink

    I have an exam in an hour and my teacher has all the notes on moodle. I decided that i’d use this free hour that i have to study for this exam weeks ago. This is inconvenient as fuck.

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