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Completed – Webauth Authentication Service Maintenance – July 26, 2016

by on July 24, 2016

Beginning at 5:00 am Tuesday, July 26, 2016, for approximately one hour, NJIT’s Webauth authentication service (Shibboleth) will undergo maintenance. See for a list of services will be interrupted during maintenance.

As part of maintenance the login page for WebMail by Google will receive a new look (see below).

Given the nature of this maintenance we would like to remind the community of the following:

  • Always be wary of electronic solicitations where you are asked to provide personally identifiable information or accounts and/or passwords. Providing such information may result in identity theft, which can be expensive to resolve, detrimental to your credit rating, and extremely inconvenient.
  • Never open attachments or click on links within an email unless you trust the source.
  • NJIT will never ask you to REPLY to an e-mail with private information (SSN, date of birth, user IDs/passwords).
  • NJIT log-on credentials will only be asked at the legitimate point of entry to a NJIT system (e.g. Highlander Pipeline, Moodle, Webmail by Google) when you have actively initiated entry to the system. Be wary of providing log-in credentials unless you have initiated the action.
  • Always use strong passwords and change them on a regular basis.

If you have questions or suspect you may have been victimized by one of these scams, please contact the IST Help Desk at (973) 596-2900.


Screenshot of revised login page:

Screen Shot 2016-07-24 at 8.14.33 PM


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