Status update at 8:00 am

As of 5:00 am this morning, Oracle engineers have made the disk storage array available for NJIT applications and services.  At this time, ADM email and related services are available.  (ADM email (aka Outlook email) is typically used by NJIT faculty and staff.)

Other services will be “re-started” and made available to the campus community.  Since there are over 100 applications that need to be re-started, it will take 8-12 hours before all can be re-started, and some may take up to an additional 12 hours before they reach normal operating capacity.

Please report any problems to the IST Computing Helpdesk at (973) 596-2900.

Thank you for your continued patience throughout this ordeal.  We will continue to update you via the NJIT SOS channel.

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This blog will provide the NJIT community updates about system outages.

10 thoughts on “Status update at 8:00 am

  1. There is a cliche that says “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Is there a way that the NJIT IT department can ensure that this will never happen again.

    I appreciate the hard work that IT staff spent in rectifying the problems.

    1. @Bruce: While there’s no way to promise something like this wont ever happen again, rest assured we are taking the situation very seriously and will be investigating every option.

  2. Any word on when oak will be back up? I just set my mailhost forwarding to adm, but what about the emails that have been sent to oak over the past few days?


    1. Oak is up. I don’t think there will be a problem with emails sent from Oak. Generally email is stored until delivery is possible. Let the HelpDesk (973.596.2900 M-F 8am – 6pm) know if specific emails were not sent.

  3. Well it seems NJIT is in the business of deleting posts here….

    My criticism stands the head of IT’s job is disaster recovery and 4 days is an utter failure.

    Putting everything on a single disk array was a very poorly thought out strategy. There should be hot redundant systems and hot redundant disk array.

    Anyone with half a brain would have done a risk assessment, seen everything was dependent upon this one disk array, and would have raised a red flag that you have a SINGLE POINT OF FAILURE which is a huge no no.

    NJIT may have enteprise class hardware but it sure as heck doesn’t have an enterprise class head of IT.

    1. The focus right now is helping customers with specific problems and providing updates on service status. I’m sure a post-mortem will be done in regards to this outage after the 24×7 efforts to restore services are complete.

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