Status update at 6:15 pm (10/1/2010)

 Numerous services were made available today.   These services include ADM email services for faculty and staff, Gmail authentication services for student email, DFS Network File Storage, Moodle courseware, many Highlander Pipeline applications (although several communication channels are not yet available), Alumni System, Budget Management System, Application Manager, Evisions, Online Catering, Visitor Parking, Eprint, etc.  Approximately 80% of AFS Network File Storage is now available.

While much progress was made today, a number of services remain unavailable and will be addressed as soon as possible.  Unavailable or partially available services include Payroll Web Time Entry and Paystub Review, Admissions Portal, Resource25 Scheduling, Bulletin System for several Highlander Pipeline Communications Channels, etc.

As further progress is made, that progress will be reported at this site. 

 Thank you.

9 thoughts on “Status update at 6:15 pm (10/1/2010)

  1. Can we please have some sort of estimate for the
    return of computational resources and oak e-mail ?

    It’s disturbing, to me at least, that AFS appears to be
    at the bottom of the priority list.

    1. AFS is not at the bottom of the priority list. It is actually being worked concurrently with other priority systems. Student websites on AFS should be working. Approximately 15 faculty websites won’t be available until AFS recovery is complete. Some AFS applications, ~ 50 dept & research websites, and some reseach directories are not currently available but are being worked on with the recovery process. Kong services are now available. HPC, db, and most AFS web services are available. Will check on Oak.

  2. HI
    I have a problem loading the harp page.
    My is loading but i cant open my
    I experience this problem only after the server issue that happened lately. Kindly help me out because i need to submitt my assignments.
    Thank You

  3. thanks for the updates.

    is UCID peterp one of the afs accounts that will take longer
    to come back ? Now, when I log on I get put on / (not
    into my afs directory) and cd tells me

    > cd
    cd: Can’t change to home directory.

    Also, my webpage at returns


    You don’t have permission to access /~peterp on this server.

    Additionally, a 403 Forbidden error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.”


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