Major service interruption update at 12:30 pm

As of noon today, the process to export 23 reconstructed volume groups was completed, a failed disk controller was replaced and now dual controllers in the storage array are functioning normally. Five of 18 volume groups needing to be reconstructed have been successfully reconstructed. Recovery procedures are run with due caution and continued success by the Oracle engineers. Once volume groups are re-imported and manual volume group reconstruction is completed, then systems and services will be restarted. There is still no completion estimate at this time, but progress is positive and steady.

We will continue to update you via the NJIT SOS channel.

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This blog will provide the NJIT community updates about system outages.

5 thoughts on “Major service interruption update at 12:30 pm

  1. I can’t believe it is taking you forever to put the system back up. Is it that hard? Or those so called engineers just don’t know what they are doing?

    Hurry up and put us back in business


    1. @Johnson: We have been working 24/7 since Tuesday, trying to get us back in business as quickly as possible.

      The scope of the process is much larger than you realize. There is not one “system” that has to go “back up”, there are over one hundred systems and servers that need to go online in a very carefully orchestrated way. And that’s only after a very lengthy, but absolutely critical, data integrity check is performed on every last bit of storage. You may have already noticed services coming back online today.

  2. Our NJN website has been up this whole time, but we have no FTP access. When do you think the connection will be re-established? This is a major problem for us as we have no way to update our site. Thanks.

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