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Lowercase “njit” Wireless Network to be Retired on October 22, 2014

The NJIT wireless network (SSID) lowercase “njit” will be retired on Wednesday, October 22, 2014 After this date it will no longer be visible on campus. Please remove or “forget” this wireless network from all your mobile and wireless devices.

Students, Faculty, and Staff should use the wireless network (SSID) “NJITsecure” on all mobile wireless devices. Please remember that this network uses your UCID username, and the Windows ACADEMIC or NJITDM password. The same password you would use on a Lab PC or on your office PC.

University guests and users connecting devices for a short time should use the “NJIT” (uppercase) OPEN wireless network.

Please see the Wireless Network information page for details.

Computer equipment failure, October 15, 2014



The majority of services interrupted by the computer equipment failure this morning were fully restored.  Please report any lingering service issues to the IST Computing Helpdesk at973-596-2900.


At around 9:00am this morning, an unexpected interruption of several critical services was caused by a computer equipment failure.  The services affected were immediately and automatically restarted on alternate equipment.  Some services were fully restored quickly while other services require additional attention.  Status updates about this interruption of services will be provided.

For additional information, please contact IST Computing Helpdesk at 973-596-2900.

Moodle Maintenance, October 16, 2014


On October 16, 2014 Moodle will be undergoing maintenance between 3 am and 5 am EDT. During this time period Moodle will be unavailable.

Academic Storage Space “P:” drive Outage. October 14, 2014



Earlier last night October 14, 2014, Core Systems completed redeploying the last of the student storage file servers. STORE3, STORE5 through STORE9 are now Windows 2012 R2 Virtual Servers. Student home folders, P: drives, are now shared out once more and accessible to students. Please contact the Helpdesk @973-596-2900 if you are still experiencing issues.


The servers which provide academic storage space, P: drive, are in the process of being restored. We are hoping to complete this process by end of business today. Thank you for your patience during this unforeseen maintenance. Updates will be provided as they are available.

User Authentication Service Maintenance


Beginning at 3:00 am Thursday, October 16, 2014, for approximately four hours, NJIT’s user directory and authentication services will undergo maintenance. Password management and directory entry updates will be disabled while maintenance is performed.  Authentication services are expected to remain available during this period, however, brief outages will be required.

During an outage access to the following services will be interrupted: Highlander Pipeline, Banner, Moodle, Webmail by Google, VPN, MAP-Works, 25 Live, CDSLink, Postini Mailhygiene, Activity Insight for Faculty.

Given the nature of this maintenance we would like to remind the community of the following:

  • Always be wary of electronic solicitations where you are asked to provide personally identifiable information or accounts and/or passwords. Providing such information may result in identity theft, which can be expensive to resolve, detrimental to your credit rating, and extremely inconvenient.
  • NJIT will never ask you to REPLY to an e-mail with private information (SSN, date of birth, user IDs/passwords).
  • NJIT log-on credentials will only be asked at the legitimate point of entry to a NJIT system (e.g. Highlander Pipeline, Moodle, Webmail by Google) when you have actively initiated entry to the system. Be wary of providing log-in credentials unless you have initiated the action.

Maintenance is expected to be completed and services restored by 7:00 am.

NJIT Secured Wireless Logins Not Working 9/24-25/2014

There was an issue with connecting to NJIT secured wireless networks such as NJITsecure and NJIThousing for some users. This occurred yesterday, and today, September 24-25, 2014. There was a partial failure of a background authentication service, once the failure was identified, it was quickly corrected. Services were restored today at noon.

You may be asked to re-enter you wireless user credential and re-verify the wireless certificate.

Please contact the NJIT IST Helpdesk at 973-596-2900 if you have any questions.

RESTORATION UPDATE 7:47pm: incoming NJIT email was delayed – Sept 23 2014 5:30pm


UPDATE: As of 7:47pm NJIT incoming email flow was restored. Please report any anomalies to the IST Helpdesk – . Thank you for your patience.

5:30pm: Some users are reporting a delay in receiving NJIT-generated Webmail by Google this afternoon and evening (Tuesday 9/23/14). The IST staff is looking into this and will post updates as they become available. Thank you for your patience.

Info: IST Helpdesk 973.596.2900



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